Google mouse pad incompatible with Mac

Google has through the years, had some problems getting their services work with Mac computers. Lately google also have some “hardware” for sale. And the tradition goes on. Googles mouse pad and Apples macmouse Mighty Mouse doesn’t go along.
I did run my Imac and the mouse on a one coloured white surface. Wow, does Mighty like that? White and grey are typical mac colours.
The other day I moved my computer and it came close to a Google mouse pad I bought just for the fun of it. The mouse strongly disliked the balls of Google on the mouse pad picture. Jump, jump, jump, randomly – did the pointer on the screen at several occasions. I thought that I maybe got a trojan on the computer, since the pointer acted as someone else was involved. But then I tested without the pad and then Mighty politely did was I supposed it to do. Why is it that Google repeatedly discriminates Mac?

©Tomas Carlsson 2006-05-18

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