Why you can’t protect your documents from Google

Most people probably creates documents to share information with others. Some people avoid using cloud services as Google Docs to share their documents. Those who at no point want’s documents to land in some cloud service must consider to avoid electronic distribution at all.

It comes very handy to recieve a pdf, doc or xls-file in mail and choose preview to have a quick look. Then it is very easy, if you are using Google Docs and Gmail, to put the document in your cloud container. But this is of course not something the sender will know about. Instead the sender, who perhaps shares confidential information with you, and for that reason avoids cloud services, will end up with a storing location of their dislike.

Are you militant about not having your creation in a cloud storing space – then do not send it to persons you don’t know for sure will avoid f ex Google Docs.

© Tomas Carlsson


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