How plus adds up to incomprehensibility

Google skipped plus in searches and was unique among search engines ten years ago. Clever. Then the search engine introduced inhibition of stop words and introduced plus again to include those otherwise left out words.

Recently a new service was introduced. It is called ”Plus”. You may +1 (plus one) content you find on the web. In Plus you add contacts, tell them your status or plus their plus status.

Now plus is no longer plus in web searches. Plus is instead quotation mark. But plus one is still plus one. And plus in web searches is now how to find Plus pages in Plus. Pages in Plus are not ordinary Plus pages, it is certain pages for companies for their marketing. Those pages have some restrictions. You can still plus them or add them.

I recall this use of common and general words from an ancient Microsoft era. They called a lot of things for Mail. Your internet connection software was called simply Internet. Two different software was called Outlook, etc.

So plus that is no longer plus, but Plus, and plus that now will become search for plus pages adds up to nothing but incomprehensibility.

Minus is still around.

© Tomas Carlsson 2011-11-08

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