Apple iPhone is not enough

The lovely little iPhone Apple shows us from their 3D sketchboard is not enough.
I like very much beautiful look and feel, but have discovered that Apple sometimes hides their black holes behind design.
Even more do I like functionality. I love when there’s only need for one gadget in my pockets. Now I need three: camera, phonecomputer and musicmachine.
When I bought my iPod G5 I was suprised that it didn’t meet the functionality of my very old iRiver-player. No radio, no built in microphone, etc. So when wearing iPod I need extra radio and extra microphone. That’s why I often choose to wear my iRiver instead.
Does the iPhone have a radio? No. As if FM isn’t invented yet. Even though I can’t expect FM-radio in my shaver, it would certainly be very handy to catch the news while shaving in the morning. But in a future i-something from Apple it would be as much groundlevel as a battery.
Talking about the chargeable battery, why is the talktime only five hours in iPhone? If I have access to internet, video, music, etc, there will be a need to charge the phone maybe twice a day to use it continously. I want a phone that make my day twice. Charging every other day would give it a more modern touch.
The specs doesn’t say anything about recording. There is a built in microphone. I am sure I will be able to record memo-notes. But will I be able to record my conversation through the phone.
Today I use bluetooth headset from Logitech for my SonyEricsson P900. Most of my calls go through this setup. I really do have a need for recording interviews this way. But I suspect it will not be possible. Or am I wrong? Give me a hint, if so.
Since iPhone have Wifi I really hope that it will be compatible with Skype and their likes. Wouldn’t it be really nice to call free from iPhone to iPhone when visiting hotspots with Wifi? But the PR says nothing about internet-telephony. Why? Wouldn’t that be a modern feature to announce. I suspect Apple haven’t solved all the technology issues yet.

I am sorry to say that 8 gigabyte storage are ten levels less than I need. And 2 megapixel camera is so very early 206. I want at least 3 megapixel and 100 gigabyte storage.

Without storeage and 3G it’s natural that I can’t catch videoclips from actions around me. But what the heck – I can do that with my very, very old P900. Did I miss something here? A Phone that can’t make movies is not an option to me.

In my iPod I have 60 gigabyte of music, film, notes, etc. Why should I buy an i-something with less than that? It will not make my pockets less heavy – so my life will not improve with it. It is that easy.

This is 2007. I fancy features more than look.

©Tomas Carlsson 2007-01-12

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