What’s NeXT, Jobs?

Steve Jobs death 5th October 2011 raises a hail choir around the world. His too early death was not unexpected due to his known illness, but it was ironically only a day after the imploding ballon of Apple’s presentation of the non-iPhone 5. The world was disappointed and the Apple shares lost some value. Is this what to expect from now, or what’s next, read on:

Jobs leaves this world, but he also leaves Apple in a more definite way than he did in 1985. Remember?

Steve Jobs left and Apple fell more and more and more, to a point where one could say that a Mac computers was insignificant in the market segments – around 1 (one) per cent.

What happened was that Jobs had this idea of developing something more useful for the educational world. He started NeXT Computers where his ideas was transformed into the NeXTstep operating system. The company structure and traditions at Apple hade made him leave. His ideas was according to himself not receiving proper attention, and he just …left… running a race of his own.

However, Apple carouselled on a downward spiral, Microsoft took over just about everything, and Apple had do to something. They purchased Jobs new creation NeXT in 1996. What could they do?  Jobs had started porting the OS to intel-based computers running up as a possible competitor to Microsoft, which would have driven Apples significance to zero. Windows 95 was just released competing Apple. A year later jobs was CEO of Apple.

The follow up of NeXTstep was OpenStep, humanfriendly ideas on which Apple built it’s Mac OS X. It was one of the salvation cures to Apple, after the more and more shredding and broken System 9. Rest is history and you can read it in just about every paper in the world today the 6th of october.

But now, what’s next – Jobs didn’t reveal much to the world in prior to his evangelistic presentations of new or revised products at Apples events. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a heritage of ideas somewhere – at Apple or elsewhere.

Those who believe in transmigration can be sure of a new order in heaven from today. The rest of us may look at the technology future in a much more uncertain way. For some this is an opportunity, for others it will be a world with less confidence in new groundbreaking Apple ideas transformed into peoples everyday used technology products.

© Tomas Carlsson 2011-10-06

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