The revolutionary camera iPad should have

There are now indications that IPAD will have a webcam . See > here < .

It raises a few questions and instead I have a very different proposal:
1. How helpful is it with a webcam in the same flat area you are writing on. It will shoot up in the sky, where hopefully your face will not be seen.
Imagine your webcam on your desktop computer or laptop where you have the screen vertically consolidated. Would it work for you to make your feeds on the screen simultaneously when it is vertical in relation to your face?
2. What are the benefits of a webcam on a computer that does not have phone capabilities? Yes, although you can run Skype or MSN with video, it requires that the person you call also sits by a computer.

The advantages of a webcam becomes more apparent when you connect a real keyboard and IPAD stands upright in a rack like a regular monitor. At the same time disappears, however, the mobility of such a solution and you might as well use a different type of computer.

What I hope is instead the following:

1. Insert a real camera on the back of IPAD. It should be clearly better than the overall poor camera in the iPhone. At least 5 megapixels, lighting / flash and zoom are a minimum requirement.
2. Revolutionize photography with a program based on my idea, you can read below. Of course shoots have to be made with the zoom buttons on the side of the IPAD, instead of one hand tapping the screen (another shortcoming of the iPhone).

Camera-revolutionary-idea , a la Tomas Carlsson
When shooting with the portable device that has screen of seven inches or more image-editing should be done even before a shot is taken.
Camera program, which is to be shooting in such a solution offers the opportunity to change the lighting, contrast, color and sharpness of the optional parts of the image.
Two modes can be offered. Mode one is studio mode. Then the camera sits steadily and it becomes easy to select areas.
Mode two is mobile mode. Then, a calculation algorithm has to keep track of which area to have the adjustment and allow this to follow when the camera moves slightly due to uncontrollable hand movements.

© Tomas Carlsson 2010-02-03

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