Pirate copies of old Kinks vinyls

Due to ridiculous high prices on old scratchy Kinks vinyls Asian piraters are plagiating them for sell on ebay.
To make them authentic the scratches and hiss are embedded. Certain hard-to-get recordings ar copied from later digital remasters and then pressed with an overlay filter, where scratches from other vinyls are extracted, and then applicated on the otherwise perfect pressing matris.
– It is easy for us to detect those false originals with an analyze of the vinyl with the carbon-14 method. The labels and covers are harder to detect since the pirates seams to make the paper look older than it is with help of water, owens and strong lights, says Evad Seivad, a CIA-agent placed in China.
The Fed Agent says it is also to some help that the band name is misspelled ”Kniks” on the labels.

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