Få Mera Fakta Nu

Tankar från frilansjournalist Tomas Carlsson.
Tankarna kan beröra alla fyra verksamhetsgrenarna Journalistik, Utbildning, Foto eller Formgivning.
Teknik är min tydligaste inriktning, men jag fokuserar även på musik, människor, mat, konsument, samhälle, myndighet, osv.
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Bitter dawn – The aftermatch of the murder of Anni in South Africa

The author Dan Newling has worked like a bloodhound in over four years to follow up and report from the aftermath of the murder of swede Anni Hindocha in South Africa.

She was on a honeymoon trip after an indian style wedding ceremony with her soon-to-become husband Shrien Dewani. Shortly after the murder four suspects […]

Do you want to steal? – Ebay will help!

Ebay’s buyer and seller protection is broken.

If you order something on Ebay and pay for it you can, without any other proof than your own words, claim you never got it. You don’t have to do anything to check up if the shipping is stuck at your post office or if it is halted […]